Saturday, August 18, 2012

Intentional Symbolic Dolls

I was very excited to receive a commission to make an intentional doll last week. It seemed to just come out of the blue... and yet this is something I truly love to do, and would like to do more.

Intentional dolls are very personal, and the details of the person and their intention are always kept confidential, but I can share the picture and the prayer that went with it. Every doll is different. This was a very zippy and sunny doll ~ had the energy of a Mexican Jumping Bean! And so much fun to make. I probably didn't charge enough for the length of time it took.

That's always a question for me... I do healing work by donation only. This is my choice, and it doesn't reflect a judgment on those healers who do charge a set price for their work. I accept the donation gladly and give at least 10% of it away to someone in need.

So is an intentional doll healing work? Well, yes. And no. Depends on what your intention is. I charge for these commissioned dolls, but I have also made many of them for free, for healing purposes. I put a lot of my own energy and intention into these dolls, and I am open to receiving energy (compensation) in exchange.

My own intention is to do more of them, and be well-enough compensated that I can do it at least half-time. That is my yellow-brick path with heart, and this is my own doll in process.

She still has strings covering her face! That's not particularly symbolic - they hold the cabochon on while the bezel is beaded, and I don't take them off until the doll is completely done. The original body pattern I modified here was from Spirit Dolls by Robin Atkins, and I probably got that tip about tying the face down from her, too. I've learned so much from her, I can usually attribute any cool thing I know how to do to her. I've made dolls shaped like this since I was a small kid, but this particular shape was from that pattern.

As I'm making this doll, I am holding the firm intention that I will get more commissions and truly grow and leaf out in my ability to focus, create, and manifest for myself and others.

I love the other work I do - social media management and marketing - and will continue to do that half-time. I'm seeing myself sewing on a doll for some happy client every day and joining my loving intentional energy with theirs. My entire life will be 24K. And I will be able to play with 24K Delicas every day! Now that is my ideal life. Social media mornings and intentional afternoons.


Bless Our Happy Big Island Home

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