Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pocket Tiaras

Flower Basket Princess of God Pocket Tiara, photo by Emily Miller
A dear friend was recently diagnosed with a brain lesion. My first reaction was to make a healing prayer star for her, each bead a prayer. I felt sad for a couple of months after my friend Brenda passed away and I couldn't get up much creative juice. Every evening I sat and made a simple prayer star, praying that I'd get my energy back. About 25 stars later, I did. Prayer works.

I also got samples of how all my new beads work up, which is useful.

I gave her the star. I wanted to remind my friend that she is a Princess of God, a concept that she brought home from a women's religious retreat a few years ago. I wanted to make her such a glorious tiara that she would never forget that she is a true Princess of God. However, she was having compression headaches, and a tiara that fit around her head was obviously not the thing. And so...

The Pocket Tiara was born, and went with her to visit a neurosurgeon in Honolulu. It beeped the machine at the airport! The first one was small and pretty simple, but absolutely packed with prayers.

The very good news is that she is ever so much better, no headaches, on a good health regimen.

The flower basket was the second one I made, and may still be my favorite. All of these tiaras are bead embroidered onto Nicole's BeadBacking, which is great stuff. Really easy to sew through, softens up with beading but doesn't go limp. I can't rave about it enough. Check it out at Nicole's BeadBacking.

Matt decided that he would rather be a Duke of God, instead of a Prince. Voila! He will put it on the bridge of his guitar.

Duke of God Pocket Crown, photo by Emily Miller   

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