Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy New Year!

It's my usual resolution - write in my blog more often! I need to put more energy on my own creative projects and manage my time better. Less Zuma and mahjong, more doll-making and beading!

2011 was an interesting year.

1. I quit my "day job" and Peggy in Paradise is in full swing. 
2. I got really sick and ended up in the hospital. As a result, I figured out that the anti-acid drug I was on to control my GERD was probably causing 95% of the symptoms I was having - this after 5 years of being sick on an almost daily basis. It's great to feel well!
3. I lost 2 dear friends - my oldest best friend Brenda, and our cat Blackie - within one week of each other. I miss them both. I realized today that I'm still sad. I haven't gotten used to the new pattern yet.
4. I made a lot of fairies last year! And beaded a lot of snowflakes.
5. I started a new garden, which is still not completely planted. Many things intervened. For example, we had to cut down a big palm tree right in the middle of the garden because it was growing into the cess pool. I plan to hang upside-down grow bags from the trunk and grow tomatoes and beans.
6. I learned so much! Social media marketing, more about Quickbooks, how to publish a book, cascading style sheets. SQL programming to come!

I can feel 2012 shaping up to be a great year. There are so many interesting things to do and learn!