Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tater keikis

Baby spuds! Can anything be more exciting than little plants pushing their way up through the soil? So much potential in such a little package. We tried to grow potatoes once before, and nothing at all happened... we waited and waited and finally decided they just weren't going to grow. These little spud starts sat in a plastic bag on the kitchen counter for several weeks before I got them planted. They already had little sprouts forming. I planted 6, so there are still 2 to come.

Discussions on the redecoration of the beadio have ranged from "just paint it and get on with it" to "my ideal beadio? well, cedar paneling would be wonderful." Cedar paneling brings back many scented memories of my childhood clothes closets. My dad Warren was a carpenter, and built most of our houses. They were pretty much standard ranch houses, but had special little details, like cedar-lined closets.

Cedar is a distant memory on Kauai. It can be special-ordered, at GREAT expense. It seems more likely we will enclose the walls with pine planks, which can be done much more reasonably. Although "just paint it and get on with it" has its appeal.