Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Spring into 2013 with an Island Bead Embroidery Getaway

A pocket crown for Queen Emmalani, October, 2012
2013 is starting off with a bang!

Well, it usually does, in our neighborhood above Kapaa, on Kaua'i. The neighbors start setting off fireworks around dark, usually about 6 p.m. and go on until midnight. Some of them were really big booms. I used to like those M-80's in ceramic cases, and once had a couple of M-240's, which are the equivalent of a quarter stick of dynamite. We'd buy them on the Indian Reservation in Washington State. An M-240 will blow a 6-feet diameter crater in the lawn. Just saying. You don't want to put one in a mailbox.

Nowadays, I don't like firecrackers as much because they really scare the dogs. They were quite anxious and Lola was crying. They huddled together in the inside kennel. They were still spooked the next day.

It is deafening at midnight, and very quiet five minutes later. I was asleep and woke up at midnight and came out and kissed Doc Matt on the lips and wished him a Happy New Year. Five minutes later I was sound asleep again.

I was dreaming about this Improvisational Bead Embroidery workshop with Robin Atkins. March 29-April 1, 2013 - San Juan Island, Washington State.

Improvisational Bead Embroidery by Robin Atkins
 I am so excited about it that I can barely sleep, and when I do, I dream about different designs I want to work on during the workshop.

So how did it come about? A very generous client gave me a large bonus which I used to order airline tickets. In March I will fly to Washington and see my family, which is exciting enough, all by itself. I made the comment on Facebook that it would be even cooler if I met up with Robin Atkins, and one of my friends said "Why not ask her?"

So I did. Dream a dream. Make it real. Take a step. Feel the feel. Get excited. Talk about it. Expect the best!

Before you know it, you've got a dream workshop planned, a venue on one of the most beautiful islands in the world, the best caterer on San Juan Island, and a special room rate for participants at Earthbox Motel & Spa.

To me "Island Bead Getaway" = "Hook up with your dream teacher. Make the group small. Time to bead and bead and then bead some more. Eat something yummy. Bead some more. Don't have to cook or clean or manage anyone. No cell phones or clients. Can actually walk from bedroom to workshop room in under 2 minutes. Bead some more. Consider going out into natural beauty or down to the gorgeous indoor pool for a swim. Bead some more."

Sound good? Come bead with us! We are going to have SO MUCH FUN! it's a flat-out bargain at $275 for 2-1/2 full-on days (and evenings) with Robin Atkins. A dream come true! I keep saying that, but it is!

If you have not already gotten her latest book, go straight to Amazon and order it. It is so complete, has hundreds of excellent photos, and an index, which is a rarity among art or craft books.

Email me at pegnard (at) for more details, like my Peggy in Paradise Facebook page and comment there, or join our event on Facebook at


  1. WOOT WOOT!!! Wow, have you done an awesome thing, Peggy, creating the opportunity for such a fabulous beading-learning-playing workshop...I can *hear* just how excited you are! Many kudos to your friend who nudged you with, "Why not ask her?" We all need encouraging friends like THAT ;>]] The set-up sounds absolutely perfect...perfectly easy *commute* for Robin & lovely surrounds for all the students and I can't wait to meet you!

    Here's to a beadiful beginning of the New Year,
    Christi (on Lopez)

  2. Thanks, Cristi! We are going to have a great time. Can't wait to meet you. Happy New Beady Year!

  3. Your enthusiasm is so infectious... how could I not agree to this beady gathering?! xoxo R