Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stripey walls and a beautiful transom

Progress on the beadio is all due to this lovely guy, still working on it whenever he gets a chance.

My progress on blogging sort of matches the beadio progress. There is an intention there, but life sort of intervened. I had cataract surgery, Matt had a couple weeks of musical inspiration and had to record, school got busy for both of us, family came to visit.

I've spent hours researching using Facebook, Blogger, and Twitter for complementary internet marketing, another of the hats I wear on a different gig than my day job.

Matt was also inspired to create the preliminary drawings and carving for the pierced and lighted transom above the door. The carving along the bottom reads "Deep Roots Are Not Touched By The Frost."

This is a shot of the left side of the door on the "stripey wall." The dark area that looks sort of like a window is actually an opening into the wall, where a pegboard will hang. Matt hand-picked this pine to create this stripey pattern and it is just spectacular.

All that remains now are the pieces that need to be stripped down smaller, and the trim pieces. Then it's sinking and filling the nails, and on to sanding, sanding, and more sanding.

It's really coming along! It's a sunny, golden, happy space.

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