Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What bloggest - or globbest - thou?

An apt question, posed to me by my husband Matt as I compose this first post. Yikes! Now I've done it, I've gone and created a blog...after a few false starts.

And why, then? Do I have something unique to share? Well, mebbe not, but mebbe so. Everyone does! I've been greatly inspired and amused by blogs, and touched to the core sometimes. Robin Atkins' blog Beadlust is one of the ones I admire.

My Huna teacher Serge Kahili King has also started a blog, in which he answers questions he receives in email. It's a useful way of sharing knowledge. Maybe I'll be able to share some daily Huna.

Serge has built 2 amazing islands in Second Life and holds Talk Story there once a month. During the last one he told the story of Hakalanileo and Kana, the stretching shaman he found to help him retrieve his wife Hina. I questioned the stretching shaman, what is it? It signifies doing work at a distance, one of the basic shaman skills. Blogging is a little like being a stretching shaman.

Eventually I'll figure out how to insert a picture somewhere other than the top of the page. For now, Barbara the Parking Goddess has top honors. She is my latest finished spirit doll. Her body shape is Robin Atkin's classic spirit doll pattern, and her face was made by Dottie Hoeschen. I was introduced to Barbara by my friend Tami, when we commuted together to Seattle University, in my other life B.K. (before Kauai). We would apply to Barbara to get a good parking space at Mae's or in the parking garage at S.U. She is gracious, and we often got a good spot. This doll is for Tami.

Well, I've spent the whole evening learning to build a blog, and haven't beaded at all. This must not happen too often.


  1. Yay! I'm looking forward to seeing more photos and descriptions of all the beautiful things you make!

  2. Hoooray and welcome to the blogosphere!!! Indeed you have uniqueness to share... even in your first post.

    Thanks for the kudos you tossed my way. Love your doll and so will Tami.

    If you want help in learning how to move the picture, I'd be happy to tell you the little I know via email.